Find out How Slimming Patches Work How slimming patches work

Find out how slimming patches work in this What Diet article. Slimming patches work by administering their ingredients into the bloodstream via the skin with an adhesive patch. This delivery process is known as ‘transdermal’. Patches are fairly commons as with nicotine patches and insulin delivery patches for diabetics. Slimming patches work on the same principles.

Slimming patches are overtaking slimming pills due to being a less risky form of losing weight. Generally there are no side effects as a result of using a patch.

Ho do Slimming Patches Work

How Slimming Patches Work is that they reduce appetite, increase metabolism and therefore burn fat and use up calories. Ingredients in slimming patches vary, although they all aim to aid weight loss effectively. With slimming pills, a lot of the ingredients are not sufficiently absorbed by the body plus there is the added benefit with slimming patches of using one patch a day rather than having to take several pills a day. It is also preferable to people who either do not like taking pills and eliminates potential stomach discomfort because the ingredients do not have to be digested.

Slimming Patch Ingredients

Many slimming patches contain ingredients such as Guarana, 5HTP, Flaxseed Oil and Lecithin. However ingredients vary from patch to patch. In principal they work by slowly releasing the ingredients and nutrients through the skin into the bloodstream in while you are wearing the patch which means you are continuously getting a regular dose throughout the day.

Once the ingredients are in your blood they head for the thyroid gland since this is what regulates metabolism. The ingredients boost the production of iodine that helps faster burning of fats and calories with a resultant weight loss. They limit your food intake by suppressing appetite so less food is consumed and more weight is lost. So not only does a herbal slimming patch level out metabolism which means quicker and more efficient fat burning, it also stops you from getting food cravings. Slimming Patches therefore act as a double attack system helping you lose weight faster.

How to choose a slimming patch

With so many slimming patches to choose from, it can be hard to decide with is the best slimming patch for you. A widely regarded patch is The Slim Weight Patch as it has undergone stringent medical trials and is clinically approved. Convenient to use, it is small and discrete and melts fat with no side effects. It is also waterproof so you can swim or shower whilst wearing a Slim Weight Patch.

Simply apply one patch a day to a clean hair free area of skin and discard the next day and replace with a new one. You will absorb up to 95% of the nutrients. To find out more information and to purchase the Slim Weight Patch visit the official website.

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