Liquorice benefits Liquorice benefits

Liquorice benefits are several for those wishing to lose weight. In this short What Diet article we look at liquorice benefits (also known as licorice) and some liquorice side effects. Liquorice derives from liquorice root and can be used to make many products such as liquorice tea, liquorice extract, liquorice sweets, liquorice candy, liquorice liqueur and liquorice ice cream to name a few. Liquorice has a strong aniseed type flavour and is one of those foods that you wither love or hate. Let’s have a lok at some of the liquorice benefits and side effects.

How liquorice helps to speed up the metabolism

Liquorice has been used as a health remedy for centuries and liquorice benefits  and its healing properties have long been recognized.

Recent developments in science have re-discovered health benefits of liquorice . Liquorice is a powerful antiviral that contains ten antioxidants, a minimum of 25 fungicidal and nine expectorant compounds. Liquorice also includes MAO inhibitors, XO inhibitors and natural estrogenic ingredients. Liquorice in addition is made up of beneficial components such as phytochemicals, magnesium and sodium. All these components in one way or another help speed up the metabolism which is a benefit for dieters and those wanting to lose weight. A faster metabolism means higher energy levels and that the calories consumed are burned faster meaning the risk of excess weight is limited.

Product Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1293kJ / 308kcal
Protein 2.9g
Carbohydrates 70g
of which sugars 45.5g
Fat <1.3g
of which saturates <1.0g
Fibre 1.4g
Sodium 39.8mg

What are the benefits of liquorice?

There are plenty of benefits to liquorice .  One main benefit of liquorice  is as above that it helps speed up metabolism which helps you burn more calories faster. Tests have shown that those who use liquorice extract to assist their weight loss experienced significant decreases in excess body fat, body weight, body mass index and LDL cholesterol levels.

There is no doubt that liquorice will increase metabolic rate it can be used as a weight loss aid. Most available weight loss aids operate to increase metabolism as a means f increasing weight loss therefore liquorice could be used to achieve this effect as well.

There are slimming aids on the market which includes liquorice extract along with other ingredients to make powerful weight loss aids.  See below for more details.


Liquorice Root Capsules (420mg)

Liquorice Root Capsules (420mg)
 (Holland & Barrett)

In Chinese traditional medicine, Liquorice Root is valued highly for its numerous properties. It is also used as a flavouring agent in foods and sweets for thousands of years in Eastern and Western cultures. Get a healthy dose with these capsules.


Liquorice side effects

When looking at liquorice side effects it is important to consider how much licorice should be taken. Liquorice can raise blood pressure, cause sodium and water retention and loss of potassium. Some experts recommend liquorice should not be used long term.  According to the German Health Ministry50 grams of liquorice is the daily recommended dosage.

Liquorice consumption during pregnancy is not advisable and has been associated with premature birth. Women should be extra cautious if consuming liquorice during pregnancy.

Liquorice weight loss aids

One of the weight loss aids available incorporating the use of liquorice is called Nuratrim. This product blends liquorice and other natural ingredients to increase your metabolism resulting in healthy natural weight loss. Nuratrim® is a weight management food supplement consisting of capsules that are taken once a day with breakfast.

Nuratrim has a unique formula that cuts calories by almost 20% by reducing appetite and giving a faster metabolic rate. The key ingredient being are glucomannan (Konjac mannan) which works by swelling the inside of the tummy leaving you feeling full and preventing overeating. This ingredient alone is known to absorb up to 200 times its weight in water!  Nutratrim also contains liquorice extract and green coffee which, when combined help to speed up metabolism and work at reducing body mass and fat.

Try this Sugar Free liquorice for the extra virtuous!

Take advantage of liquorice benefits and get your tasty dose today!

Soft Eating Liquorice

Soft Eating Liquorice (Original) 
(Holland & Barrett) Vinnies Soft Eating Liquorice

Inspired by the clean natural landscape of New Zealand comes this soft eating natural liquorice made from natural flavours. Rich flavour and super smooth texture . Available in two flavours (original and raspberry) and large 375g bags.

Suitable for vegetarians

Soft Eating Liquorice (Raspberry)

 Soft Eating Liquorice


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