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The Shangri La Diet was developed by psychology professor, Seth Roberts. It advocates a hunger free diet with weight loss results. Roberts claims his diet is “almost as easy as taking a pill, and a hundred times safer and less expensive.”

The theory is the body has a ‘set point’ which is the weight it naturally endeavours to keep. The ‘set point’ can be reduced to a lower weight by consuming small quantities of plain olive oil and sugared water in between meals.

Shangri La Diet Foods

  • 1-4 tablespoons of light olive oil during the day in addition to sugar water as required.
  • Bland and tasteless foods form the basis of the diet. You will find yourself eating mashed vegetables and blended foods.
  • No other foods are specifically recommended. Fruit as snacks is permitted.

There are no meal suggestions or menu plan.

An example of a daily menu is one normal meal of approximately 900 calories with 150 calories of sugar water between food and 2 pieces of fruit per day. Total daily calorie intake is around 1200 calories.

Shangri La Diet Weight Loss

Followers have reported losing 1-2 pounds per week.

Shangri La Diet Rules

The only requirement is to include approximately 300 calories in the form of either light olive oil or sugar water in between meals. As long as you add the oil and sugar water it doesn’t matter what you eat as you won’t have much appetite making it easier to choose healthy foods.

What Diet Shangri La Diet Review

Although the oil may actually reduce appetite having small snacks totalling 300 calories  in between meals could have a similar effect on reducing your appetite. The somewhat reasonable level of calories consumed if you stick to the 1200 calories a day mark may also result in the weight loss rather than any other factor.

Shangri La Diet Pros

  • All foods allowed in unlimited amounts
  • Inexpensive to implement

Shangri La Diet Cons

  • Consuming oil may be difficult for some people
  • Bland tasteless foods that make up the rest of the diet are not very appetising
  • Nose clipping is suggested as well which is not very appealing
  • Not a realistic diet for the long term
  • Criticized by some as nutritionally deficient

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