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The Slimming World UK diet is an eating plan designed to make slimming easier
. You don’t have to weigh or measure food, count points or monitor what you eat.

The slimming world diet is designed to be a life long way of eating to lose weight initially and then maintain it.

You join a group for support, set your personal weight loss goals and away you go.

Read on for more about the Slimming World weight loss plan.

Slimming World UK Foods

No food is banned and you eat according to the rules set. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

You can find examples of 7 day eating plans for non-vegetarian here and for vegetarians here

How much weight can I lose on Slimming World UK?

That depends on what goals you set for yourself and how rigorously you follow the diet plan.

How does Slimming World UK work?

The slimming world diet is a food system based on your own weight loss aims and incorporates the following rules:

  • Never go hungry again! There is a Free Food list with loads of different foods you can eat in unlimited amounts.
  • Eat as much as you want, when you want!
  • No food is banned! Enjoy your favourite treats every day and still lose weight.
  • Support you every step of the way – online and in groups.
  • You set your own target. Choose the weight you want to be.

Slimming World UK Review

This is a healthy diet which helps you by getting you in the right mental attitude for success. You are aided by support groups and online support for moral backup. (Find your nearest slimming world group and check out the online support.) Also the knowledge that there is always something to eat from the free foods list does help. Ultimately we think this is just a way of healthy eating albeit set out nice and neatly for you. However as there is no limit or measurement of foods you could overeat and although you may be eating healthy foods and there may be some weight loss over the long term if you are looking for a rapid weight loss this may not be the diet for you. However this is a good diet for the longer term weight loss plan.

Slimming World UK Pros

  • Based on the aim of weight loss if that is your goal
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available
  • Unlimited food to eat
  • Wide range of foods available and none are banned
  • Some of the foods are the Slimming World brand

Slimming World UK Cons

  • Need to join the programme and pay for membership fees
  • Attendance at groups can be time consuming and if you are not minded to spare the additional time this can hinder your progress. However you can take advantage of the online Slimming World programme instead
  • Many of the meals include recipes that need cooking and preparation time which is not so good if you don’t have the free time

Slimming World UK Alternative Diets

The main rivals to the Slimming World diet plan are:

Weight Watchers One of the UK’s most popular online diet plans similar to the Slimming World format.

Read more about Weight Watchers here

Rosemary Conley One of the longest running diet plans backed by exercise and healthy eating. Available on line and in class formats this is one strong rival to the Slimming World diet plan

Read more about Rosemary conley diets here

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