Calories Burned Calculator

Use the Calories Burned Calculator to see how many calories burned when you are exercising. For example, for calories burned while cycling input the details below and get an idea of how many calories you burn out biking.

Just input your type of exercise, your weight, speed and grade and see how many calories you burn when exercising. By increasing the amount of calories you burn each day and reducing the calories you consume you will see weight loss. How fast you lose weight will depend on the deficiency of calories. By burning more calories you can speed up weight loss. There are also other ways t increase the calories you burn each day, see here for more details and tips on how to burn more calories

Alternatively you can make use of the calculator for calories burned in specific types of exercise:


Calories Burned Calculator Running


Calories Burned Calculator Swimming


Calories Burned Calculator Walking


Calories Burned Calculator by Heart Rate


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