Free exercise routines to lose weight Free exercise routines to lose weight

If you just don’t have the desire or inclination to keep up your normal workouts in the gym you need to try something else to keep in shape.  Free exercise routines to lose weight are great because you don’t spend on a wasted gym membership and you don’t have to make a big effort to get yourself in the mood to take structured exercise. just build these exercise program ideas into your daily life for benefits without the pain.

Fortunately, you can easily maintain body weight and not have to visit the gym regularly just by using some imagination and by taking your workouts outdoors instead.

Here are some  Free exercise routines to lose weight that will help you burn fat quickly.

Try Snowshoeing or walking over Sand

If you’re someone who enjoys walking but not on a treadmill, showshoeing will be perfect for you.  This form of exercise is more intense than normal walking exercise as you have the snow acting as resistance against you.  You’ll get your heart rate up higher and put your balance and agility to the test, ensuring that you work your core body muscles the entire way through the movement. If the time of year is summer take a stroll on the beach instead. Light jogging over a sandy beach is a great form of free exercise and like trudging through snow the sand provides resistance making you work harder and tones muscles faster.

Some Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is another great calorie burning exercise routine and you’ll work the upper and lower body at the same time. All you need is the ski equipment and off you go.

This is provides a very similar movement to using an elliptical trainer or cross trainer, so if that’s often your cardio machine of choice, this free form of exercise is ideal for you.

Cross country skiing will burn just as many calories as intense running would, so is great for burning fat fast.


If you have a skipping rope handy then dpn’t miss otu on a skipping session to ease of the excess pounds. Skipping is  a great form of free exercise which you can do indoors or outside. Ropes are cheap to acquire and skipping is popular with boxers for agility, cardio and strength training.

Skipping uses the arm and leg muscles and is a good all round free cheap form of exercise.


Shoveling your drive and pathway is a fantastic calorie burning exercise and free to undertake!  For those who want strength benefits while getting a cardiovascular workout, this is a perfect free exercise routine.

Shoveling is excellent for working the back, shoulders and chest. It also targets all the smaller muscles running up and down the spinal column.

If there is no snow to shovel then in summer you can dog your garden which has similar benefits.

When shoveling, make sure that you keep the knees partially bent to prevent lower back pain from developing.


Shopping is an all year round activity for most people and the great news is that it can help to burn calories quickly as well!

Shopping can easily burn 300 to 400 calories every hour if you’re on the move and even more if you are carrying heavy bags. So speed up your shopping trip a bit and get workout results at the same time.

These are some great free exercise routines to lose weight which most people can incorporate into their daily routines.

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