Want to find the willpower to lose weight with exercise?  

We set out here our tips and ideas to get you in the right frame of mind to keep up that gym membership and make it all worth while. You’ll soon see the pounds dropping off if you can maintain a healthy exercise plan together with your diet plan.

1. Set a time of the day to exercise and keep it the same each day. Keeping a set time to exercise eventually turns the exercise plan into a regime reinforced by habit. Then you have won half the battle.

2. Set days to exercise on and stick to them. If you keep up this for long enough it becomes a habit and even easier to enforce.

3. Don’t give yourself excuses for NOT going to the gym or your exercise class. You are only fooling yourself and the only person that will miss out in the end is you.

4. Get your exercise gear and gym bag sorted the day before. It is all ready to pick up then. You have no excuses. You can leave on the dot for your appointed exercise time. Make it easy for yourself.

5. If you miss a session due to reasons beyond your control just can back into it at the next cycle-your net appointed exercise time.

6. If you are thinking about missing a session for no good reason tell yourself you will only have to make up that missing session. Be it with  a session later in the day or an extra session in the week. That should tempt you out of avoiding it. You don’t want to be behind schedule do you?

7. Base your exercise on a weekly cycle. For example, six sessions a week or 7 hours a week and stick to it. If you miss one session you can make up for it another time that week and still be on track.

8. Build flexibility into your regime. If it is too rigid and proves too hard to stick too you will find yourself yo-yo-ing:yes I am following it; no I’ve missed a session I’m out of it so I may as well take a few sessions off; I need to get back with a vengeance and make up for it…. An on and off plan will not help either your fitness or your mental attitude towards exercise. You need to be consistent to get results and that means being flexible with your regime. If you are truly ill one day then miss the session. Rule it off and that’s the end of it. Get back to your regime as soon as you can. If you are on holiday and don’t have access to a gym then maybe do more time to make up for it before you go away or when you come back. It is all down to getting your attitude right such that you MUST do your set amount of exercise a week (barring real excuses to miss). This is the only way you will make yourself stick to it. Obsessive? Maybe but there are worse things to be addicted to and if it works, it works!

9. Go it alone. e know this is against conventional advice that tells you to join with your mates and go to exercise classes or join the gym. But what if your mate doesn’t go when you are used to their company? How much harder will it be for you to go by yourself. No, in our opinion it won’t last. All the serious, consistent exercisers we know go it alone. Make friends at the class or gym by all means. In fact this will persuade you to go all the more but don’t get into the arrangement of going with anyone and depending on them and their willpower as well.

10. Just do it. Don’t think about. Don’t start thinking of excuses. Just get your arse there. Once you are there it on’t seem half as bad and when you have finished your session you WILL be glad you made the effort. The hardest part is just getting yourself there.

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