Sensa Weight Loss System

Sensa weight loss system
What is the Sensa weight loss system?

The Sensa weight loss system is comprised of taking Sensa crystals to help you eat less.

They work by tricking your brain into a feeling of fullness so you are not tempted to eat as much.  You sprinkle Sensa on your food, sniff the Sensa powder before eating and chew your food slowly to get the full flavour.  Studies show that those who sprinkled Sensa on all the food they ate for six months lost on average 30.5 lbs.

No counting calories or exercise routines are involved. Note however that when using Sensa diet aid you are advised to pick healthy food.

How does Sensa work? Sensa scam?

The idea of the Sensa weight loss system is actually grounded in science.  Some dismiss Sensa as a scam. However Sensa was developed by a psychiatric neurologist who was Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago called Alan Hirsch.  Dr. Hirsch researched how smell and taste affects weight loss and his findings are published in medical journals.

Dr. Hirsch’s found patients who had lost their sense of smell gained weight.  His theory was that if loss of smell induced a weight gain, that enhamcement of the sense of smell would induce weight loss. Dr. Hirsch researched substances to stimulate the sense of taste viathe appetite control centre in the brain.  He eventually came up with Sensa which is a cocktail of of six different scent/flavor combinations.

Sensa weight loss system works as follows:

  • Scents from Sensa powder are sent from your nose to nerve receptors
  • The receptors signal the brain which triggers the olfactory organ
  • The olfactory bulb sends a message to the satiety center of the hypothalamus
  • The hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland stimulating the release of hormones that depress the sense of hunger

What is Sensa?  

Sensa contains natural and artificial flavors. It has a base of maltodextrin derived from corn, tricalcium phosphate, silica, FD&C Yellow 5, carmine and milk and soy derivatives.  It is sodium-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, gluten-free and there are no stimulants, drugs or MSG.  It does not have any known made of?

Using Sensa to lose weight

There are two types of Sensa: salty and sweet.  Sweet is obviously for sweets foods and salty is for savoury foods.  Sensa is sprinkled on every bit of solid food. Sensa does not have a detectable taste  but it’s use acts to stimulate nerve receptors and signal hormones to tell your stomach it is full.

Does Sensa work?

Sensa does make you feel full.  If hunger is your problem when trying to lose weight then using the Sensa weight loss system could be your answer.

Benefits of the Sensa weight loss system

As well as weight loss these are some of the pros of the Sensa weight loss system:

  • Sensa co-exists with your body’s system not in opposition to it
  • No foods are forbidden with Sensa. Its use is to curb appetite and repel the urge to eat excessively. This leads to a lower calorie intake
  • It is a convenient diet. You need not be concerned about the quantity of calories and carbs you ingest

Disdavantages of the Sensa weight loss system

The Sensa weight loss system sprinkle diet could be considered to have the following cons:

  • Lack of nutritional education. Using Sensa does not promote healthy eating
  • No accompanying exercise plan is encouraged
  • Absence of long term effects and results
  • Cost.  It can be is expensive for a weight loss product if followed long term. See where to buy and details of cost below

Sensa Sprinkle Diet: Conclusion

The Sensa weight loss system does seem an attractive option however it does not seem like a natural one. No long term plan for senseible weight loss and exercise is promoted or adhered to. What about long term effects? Factor in the cost as well? However for a short term fix this may be an option ofr you to lose weight. You can only try it as see what you think…

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