Weight loss tips for everyday use

Need some weight loss tips? Look no further. Here are tried and tested diet tips to help you on your way to your weight loss. Good weight loss tips can be incorporated into everyday lifestyles and that is what we aim to do here. By following as many or as few of these weight loss tips as you want you can get a head start of losing some weight.  Try these weight loss tips to see which tips work best for you.

1. Eat fruit and veg to fill you up. It has far less calories than other foods and packs a punch for more food per calorie.

2. Have sugar free or diet drinks rather than full calorie ones. Did you know a can of full calorie coke has over 100 calories-the same as a small bar of chocolate or a slice of bread? Diet coke has nil or next to nil calories.

3. Drink hot drinks with low calories to fill you up. Hot drinks expand the small intestine and this swelling has the effect of making you feel full. Try black coffee, black tea, green tea, earl grey tea, an oxo cube dissolved in hot water and sugar fee squash diluted with hot water. Our favourite is Love the Taste, Lose the Weight, CafeFit Diet Coffee which is gourmet coffee with a high energy hit perfect for dieters CafeFit Coffee Give You High Energy

4. Go vegetarian. Whilst not of itself a guarantee of losing weight it cuts out some of the fattier food groups, namely meat and meat products. By force of choice you will have to decide on something which most times will be a healthier option. For example, a vegetarian burger on average has half the calories of a beef burger but is just as filling.

5. Don’t weigh yourself. Instead go by how much looser your clothes are feeling. This is a much better and accurate indicator of weight loss. Especially if you are exercising more as muscle weighs three times as much as fat making weight calculations inaccurate.

6. Make use of sugar free jellies and add fruit as a perfect very low calorie desert. You can get a great variety of sugar free jellies form most supermarkets. The Weight Watchers version is also vegetarian. Our favourites are orange WeightWatcher’s jelly with a tin of mandarins in and left to set. Also the blackcurrant version jelly with blueberries in. As an extra treat add some glace cherries to the mix. Make sure you wash of the juice or syrup of tinned fruit. We always recommend buying tinned fruits in juice rater than syrup. You can also add some light squirty cream for a a nice touch. Make sure you pick a light veriosn as this is actually low in calories per squirt The best thing is this is very low calorie without skimping on taste.

7. Do something else. When you feel hungry do something to keep busy. Go for a walk. Do some cleaning. The hunger pangs will pass and you’ll be glad you abstained.

Keep checking back. We are adding tips all the time and if you have any diet and weight loss tips to add then please let us know.

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