Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet Plan

Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet Plan Book
Cookie diet is a low-calorie diet based on a meal replacement in the form of chocolate chip cookies!

There are a number of cookie diets around, such as the Smart for Life Cookie Diet, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet and R&D Diet Cookie. All require 4 to 6 cookies a day, sometimes in addition to other food.

The main diet we review here is Dr Siegal’s cookie diet.

Cookie Diet Foods

Six of the special Siegal cookies are eaten when hungry in the day. Eight glasses of liquid. One meal only is eaten: a dinner of 6 ounces of lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish or seafood only) plus one cup of vegetables.

The cookies have amino acids with appetite suppressant properties. They are available in chocolate, raisin or coconut. The cookies apparently don’t taste very good. Siegal’s cookies are available only to patients at his weight loss clinics (Florida and Montreal) as part of his estimated $400 a month weight loss treatment program!

The Hollywood cookie diet cookies come in packages and cost around £21 per box.

hollywood cookie diet cookies        hollywood cookies

How much can you lose on the Cookie Diet?

An average of 15 pounds a month.

How does Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet Work?

The cookie diet is actually a very low-calorie diet with total calorie count of the diet of approximately 800 calories per day. Total carbohydrate intake is about 70 grams per day. Basically this is an extremely low-calorie, low carbohydrate diet incorporating a few cookies to keep you going.

Our Cookie Diet Review

The cookies are hard to get hold of is you are strictly following the diet. You could use normal cookies but this is not what the diet prescribes. Other than this it is restrictive with one meal a day and not for the long term as it is restrictive and hard to maintain.

Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet Plan Pros

  • Nice if you like cookies

Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet Plan Cons

  • The cookies aren’t your usual ones! they are cookies specific to the diet and are not widely available nor do they come cheap!
  • Bad breath and constipation

Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet Books


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