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Fruitarianism or the fruitarian diet plan involves a diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains. Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism and may be adopted for different reasons such as ethical, health, religious, environmental, cultural, aesthetic and economic.

There are different varieties of the diet. Some diets consisting of 75% or more fruit (by weight of food intake) consider themselves fruitarian diets. The remainder of the diet being composed of raw vegetarian (vegan) foods. Here fruit has the common definition of the reproductive parts of a vine, bush, or tree. The common definition is used rather than the botanical as the botanical definition is broad and includes grains as fruit.

There are also differing definitions of what is considered “fruit.” Some definitions include non-fleshy fruits such as nuts.

Fruitarian Diet Foods 

Commonly “fruit” means plant fruits that are sweet, fleshy and contain seeds (for example, plums, apples, and oranges). Many of these can be ordered online and delivered direct to you. Try Holland & Barratt and for ranges of fresh and dried fruits.

There are other foods that are not typically considered fruits in a culinary sense but are botanically, such as berries, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts and grains. These would not be included.

How much weight can you lose on a Fruitarian Diet?

Fruitarianism often results in excessive weight loss and it is extremely difficult to gain weight on a fruit diet, if at all. We have tried this and weight loss can be as much as a stone in one week.

How does the Fruitarian Diet work?

This diet works mainly due to the level of low calorie foods available. There is a limit to how much fruit and vegetables you can actually eat in a day. Also due to the healthy nature of the foods the weight loss effect is quicker. It makes you feel healthier and lighter and the effect tends to be cumulative meaning you are spurred on into sticking with the diet for longer.

What Diet Fruitarian Diet Review 

On trying this diet it is true that you do feel good and have plenty of energy though you wouldn’t initially believe this to be the case. The diet is initially easy to stick to as you always have something to eat and fruit by it’s nature is available in most places and is easy and convenient to carry about. Meals can be adapted easily to salad and vegetables n various combinations and to fruit for desert. Most restaurants would offer something which with some creativity fits into the diet plan. In the long term solely sticking to this fruitarian diet may prove difficult. This why we recommend our winning diet which is a variation of the fruitarian diet, giving you the benefits of the fruitarian diet without the drawbacks. You can check out our diet here

Fruitarianism is possible according to idealistic dietary theory, but it can be difficult in practice. The diet has many pitfalls that can cause serious problems for the would-be fruitarian. Very few people claim to succeed on the fruitarian diet, in the long term. Additionally, there is a high incidence of binge eating, “cheating,” and backsliding in raw veganism.

Fruitarian Diet Pros

  • Rapid weight loss and gives a “light body” feeling
  • Unlimited food to eat
  • Helpful to stick to weight loss goals as only limited food group is allowed. Al else is effectively prohibited
  • Eating fruit is pleasant
  • It is a “cleansing diet,” and is therapeutic diet
  • Fruitarianism alters your mental state, promoting a light and airy mental feeling that some find pleasant. Some interpret this as a “spiritual” feeling
  • In the short run it promotes physical health. You appear to be immune to illnesses and injuries heal quickly. This, plus the “light” mental feeling promotes the sense of experience of a “higher” state of living
  • Your respiratory system may function better on a fruitarian diet
  • It sharpens senses to an extraordinary degree, specifically taste and smell
  • It reduces the amount of water you need to drink. Fruit has a high water content

Fruitarian Diet Cons

  • Nutritional deficiencies are possible
  • Modern fruit can be expensive
  • Strict fruitarians experience severe weight loss with weight stabilizing at levels associated with anorexia nervosa or starvation. It is extremely difficult to gain weight on a fruit diet, even if you overeat on avocados being the fattiest fruit available
  • The diet can be difficult ling term, as most people find a fruit diet is not totally satisfying. Hunger cravings are frequent
  • Fruitarians often display food-obsessive behaviour common to both the anoretic and the fruitarian
  • On a fruitarian diet, it is easy to overeat and to fall into the trap of sugar addiction leading to binge eating. However in practice it is hard to overeat on fruit and given the low calorific content the results of overeating are irrelevant anyway
  • Excessive sugar, in the long run, may have a negative effect on the pancreas. Fruitarians are advised to daily eat some dark, bitter, leafy greens which can help regulate sugar metabolism and reduce sugar cravings
  • Fruitarian diets are often very socially isolating as t may be difficult to choose meals in restaurants or eat at a friends house
  • Many fruitarians eventually give up as it is too difficult to continue due to intense food obsessions, social isolation, psychological deprivation, frequent hunger. Note that some untreated anoretics also recover from anorexia nervosa for the same reasons
  • Fruitarians can experience a light, airy feeling that compares to a minor drug high. It is interesting that anoretics report similar mental effects making anorexia nervosa is so hard to overcome

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vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish and products derived from them (such as cochineal, lard, tallow, gelatin), although it can include honey, milk and other dairy products, and eggs.

pescatarian diet is like a vegetarian diet but allows fish to be eaten. Many people confuse this with a vegetarian diet. A correct vegetarian diet allows no fish however.

vegan diet in addition to the above excludes dairy and egg products  so that only vegetables are eaten.

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