Lacto Vegetarian Diet Plan

A lacto vegetarianism diet is where you abstain from eating eggs and any type of animal flesh. A lacto vegetarianism diet (also known as a lactarian diet) is a vegetarian diet which includes dairy such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and cream but excludes eggs. Lacto vegetarians also abstain from cheese that include animal rennet and yoghurts that contain gelatin. The concept and practice of lacto originates from India. A gheegan is a human who is vegan with the exception of ghee. It is a type of lacto vegetarianism diet.

Lacto Vegetarian Diet Foods

A lacto vegetarian diet consists of the same foods as a vegetarian diet but no eggs are included in the diet.

Lacto Vegetarian Diet Plan Weight Loss Results

Seen as a long term lifestyle choice rather than a diet for short term weight loss. However weight loss over a long term period can result from the healthier and less fattier food choices. Also various health benefits are derived from this type of diet.

How does the Lacto vegetarianism diet work?

Due to the healthier food options which are generally lower in calories than a full meat diet counter part weight loss is a result but generally over the long term rather than a short term diet.

What Diet Lacto Vegetarian Diet Review

Good for an overall lifestyle diet but if you want quick weight loss results you would be better trying one of the other quick weight loss diets.

Lacto Vegetarian Diet Pros

  • Good long term diet plan choice
  • Health long term diet

Lacto Vegetarian Diet Cons

  • Not a diet choice for quick initial weight loss results

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