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Sainsburys dietsSainsburys Diets are a new online concept for as little as £1.50 a month. The Sainsburys diets are an online diets personalised to suit your needs.

There is online mobile phone access, nutritional forums and health and fitness expert advice available on your chosen Sainsburys diet.

With 9 food diet plans you can choose the one most suited to you and your weight loss goals. Have freedom over your food choices as nothing is forbidden. Just keep an online diary and stay within your personal targets.

This diet gives a flexible diet option for weight loss and you can choose where and when you want to log in online to catch up with your diet plan.

There is plenty of menu choice and something to suit all food tastes so this diet need not feel like a restrictive diet plan.

Sainsburys Diets Foods

There are 9 food plans to choose from plus a free food diary service. For each of the 9 diet plans there are sample food plans for the day and different recipes to choose from. Usually these are based on Sainsburys own foods so if you don’t shop there this can be a hindrance.

The 9 plans are set out below. Each has been created to meet specific nutritional needs, while promoting healthy weight loss.

  • Be Good To Yourself Plan
  • Health & Vitality Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • GI Plan
  • Reduced Fat Plan
  • Feel Fuller Plan
  • Avoiding Gluten Plan
  • Healthy Heart Plan
  • Higher Fibre Plan

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How much weight can I lose with Sainsburys Diet Plans?

They state up to one stone in 7 weeks.

Sainsburys diet plans

How do Sainsburys Diets work?

You follow your allocated diet plan with help and advice from the online tools. You can join the forum and gain support from other dieters. You can ask questions of the health and nutrition experts.

You have a daily food menu and plan to follow and are given ideas for recipes and food choices.

There are plenty of handy tools to choose from to chart your progress such as the BMI counter, calorie counter, 5 a day checker, graphs and reports to record progress and a food diary.

What Diet Sainsburys Diets Review

Good diet choice if you like support and assistance from others to help you diet. Wide choice of personalised plans which are all laid out for you. If you are someone who finds dieting a chore when left to your own devices then this could be the diet for you. Aimed at weight loss and with backup and support every step of the way, it will make the road to weight loss alot easier for you.

Sainsburys Diets Pros

  • Online plan with access to a wealth of information and tools to help you kick start and give you the impetus to stick to it
  • Support forums and help and advice from experts
  • Personalised plan choices to best suit your needs

Sainsburys Diets Cons

  • Many of the daily food plans and recipes are based on Sainsburys own food products so if you don’t shop there this could make sticking to the diet difficult
  • Fees to pay to join and maintain access to the diet tools

Sainsburys meal planner


Sainsburys Diets

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