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The vegan diet plan UK version is no different to other versions of a vegan diet. A vegan diet is a diet where you do not eat meat, fish, or poultry nor use other animal products or by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics and soaps derived from animal products.

Some vegans choose this lifestyle to promote a more ethical and caring world. Beatle Paul McCartney and actor Alec Baldwin are just two famous faces who are vegans for the reasons that a meat-free diet is more healthy and a more ethical way to live.

Vegan diets are often recommended fro those suffering from illness as a way of giving the body the best chance it needs. There is therefore little doubt that a vegan diet plan is a healthy choice to make. Read on for more about the foods on a vegan diet, vegan diet weight loss and more.

Vegan Diet Plan Foods

Vegans do not to eat anything taken from animals. A vegan has no:

  • meat, fish nor other products that come directly from killing an animal, such as animal fats and gelatine
  • dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • eggs or foods containing eggs such as Quorn
  • honey

Vegan Diet Plan Weight Loss

Rather than adopting a vegan diet for weight loss purposes alone people usually follow a vegan diet in order to promote or adhere to ethical or health reasons.

How does a vegan diet work?

A vegan diet for weight loss alone is not usually followed as this is more a life style choice. People choose to be vegan for health, environmental, and ethical reasons.

What Diet Vegan Diet Plan Review

This is a good plan to follow if you want to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Perhaps a little restrictive t times if you are not following for purely ethical and moral reasons you may be inclined to follow a less restrictive vegetarian diet plan.

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Vegan Diet Plan Pros

  • Too many of us worldwide are overweight. Part of the reason is consuming too many fats in various forms. While animal meat is rich in protein, it is also rich in saturated fats which can clog arteries and lead to other diseases.
  • One good thing to remember: Protein doesn’t just come from animal sources. There are plant sources that can provide protein without all the fat. These include soy, plant sterols and nuts and legumes.
  • Health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and healthier bodies
  • Vegans tend to be thinner than others
  • Vegans consume healthier sources of protein
  • By eating more fruits and vegetables vegans increase their intake of many nutrients as compared to people who eat meat
  • Overall may result in weight loss long term
  • Unlimited food to eat

Vegan Diet Plan Cons

  • Vegans need to ensure they get enough protein
  • Many vegans also cut dairy and eggs from their diet. Eggs are a great source of protein. Dairy is also an excellent source of calcium. As we age, the body needs more and more calcium for strong bones. When the body lacks calcium, it can leach it from the bones leading to osteoporosis and bone fractures
  • Iron is important for women especially. It helps to build blood and maintain energy, especially when menstruating. Iron is found in significantly present in eggs and meat. Vegans are at risk for iron deficiency

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