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Diet book and weight loss plans are always popular. There are always new diet plans emerging. Nowadays many diet plans can be found online and there are plenty of diet ebooks available on popular diets and diets books not available in paper format. With an Amazon Kindle (Kindle Keyboard 3G 6″ E Ink Display or an Amazon Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display) many traditional diet books can be bought cheaper than the paper versions, some for as little as 77 pence!

Here are some of the latest paper diet books available:

Amongst the books featured above you can find the new version of the Atkins diet. The infamous Atkins diet relies on the premise of eating pure proteins to push the body into ketosis thereby burning fat and resulting in a slimming effect. You need to stick strictly to the rules of protein only or else the diet will not work. Only very limited amounts of fruit and veg at the later stages of the diet are allowed. If you are into eating meat this could be a good diet for you. However be warned about the side effects such as bad breath and constipation. Also a no-no for vegetarians unless you want to overdose on cheese and not much else.

The latest big diet on the scene is the Dukan diet hailing from France. Prepared by Dr Dukan this is somewhat similar to the Atkins diet and we think bills itself as a new and improved version. It is a progressive diet taking you through stages that can last up to months and overall introduces you to a new way of eating. It does involve calculating food periods and counting days to stick to each stage of the diet and in this sense seems a little artificial and tiring we feel. Not much good again for vegetarians as you would be left with a diet mainly consisting of eggs, non fat dairy and tofu (possibly) in the early stages of the diet.

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