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Calories in Aperitifs calories in aperitifs

Calorie list for calories in aperitifs and alcoholic drinks. Use the free calorie counter chart to calculate the calories in bacardi, calories in babycham, calories in martini, calories in Pimm’s, calories in vermouth and calories in other alcoholic aperitifs.

One of the lowest calorie aperitifs come sin as Barcadi with Cherry B, Pimm’s and Pink Lady being some of the highest calorie aperitifs available. Many aperitifs are high in sugar hence the high calorie count so dieters may be best sticking with a measure of spirits or white wine to keep overall calories low.

Still enjoy an aperitif but be cal0orie wise. As these are lower i alcohol content be aware you may need to drink more overall than having a stronger drink such as a spirit and this can affect the total intake of calories on a night out.

APERITIFS Per 50ml, pub measure unless otherwise stated                                                                              CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in Babycham dry, 100ml 43
Calories in Babycham sweet, 100ml 57
Calories in Bacardi 50
Calories in Campari 110
Calories in Cherry B, 100ml 114
Calories in Cinzano Bianco 75
Calories in Cinzano Lemongrasse 60
Calories in Cinzano Rose 70
Calories in Dubonnet 75
Calories in Dubonnet, dry 55
Calories in Martini, bianco 90
Calories in Martini, extra dry 65
Calories in Martini, rosso 90
Calories in Noilly, dry 55
Calories in Pernod 65
Calories in Pimm’s No. 1 100
Calories in Pink lady 250ml can 148
Calories in Pony, 95ml 110
Calories in Punt E Mes 90
Calories in Riccadonna Bianco 80
Calories in Riccadonna Extra Dry 50
Calories in Riccadonna Rose 75
Calories in Riccadonna Rosso 80
Calories in Snowball, 113 ml 88
Calories in Vermouth, bianco 55
Calories in Vermouth, rose 70
Calories in Vermouth, rosso 85

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