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Welcome to What Diet, the free diet weight loss information site with dieting and weight loss information for dieters and those interested in food and recipes, resources and ideas that help you find the best diet and most effective weight loss menu programme for you and offers you dieting and weight loss tips and guidance.

What Diet covers the main areas of dieting and weight loss as follows:

Diet Plans

Calorie Counting


Slimming Pills


Diet Products

What Diet catalogue free weight loss information on diets for readers. We review the main diets available for dieters and undertake diet review so you can choose the best weight loss plan for you. If you find weight loss a struggle you will find information about diet plans and diet ideas here to help you lose weight easily. Increase your diet power and knowledge and you will find what the best diet is that works for you.

Whether you want to learn how to diet, how much weight you can lose on various diets, the pros and cons of diets, the best way to achieve weight loss or find out where to find more dieting resources such as diet books, diet recipes or DVDs. You might be researching the diets out there and want to know more information perhaps about the Atkins or the Dukan diets. You may be wanting to find out what is a low fat diet, what is the zone diet, what is the best diet pill on the market? Perhaps you are pricing up weight loss management plans and need help finding out what is the cost of the Jenny Craig diet? Whatever your diet questions we are here to try and help. Check out our free weight loss menu recipes. Why not try the online Sainsbury’s Diets who have a diet promo offer on now. We also have our own dieting plan which is not available anywhere else and which has been tried and tested and does actually work and is easy to follow. To help you along we regularly post diet tips and hints to help you out of a tight spot or simply just to try to see if it helps you.

Check out the reviews and range of diet products available. These include diet pills, diet drinks, diet foods and slimming patches. These all aid you to lose weight that little but quicker but are not intended for long term use.

So if you are looking for free weight loss information try our A-Z of diets whether you want free information about the Atkins diet or free information on the Zone Diet you will find all your diet information at What Diet. Whatever weight loss information you are looking for you are sure to find something to help you lose weight here. We like to hear from our readers with any tips or comments you may have regarding our What Diet site or any dieting tips or experiences so please contact us if you do.

Feel free to contact us with your comments on diets and weight loss. If you want to see anything on our site relevant to dieting and weight loss let us know.


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