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Diet Plans

A list of diet plans and reviews for some of the main diet plans available. Most of these diets are well known or at least you have probably heard of them and the diet reviews help you decide what the best diet is for you.

Some of these weight loss plans are more effective than others. We have provided diet reviews on each of them with pros and cons. If there are any diets you would like us to list or review contact us and we would be happy to help.

17 Day Diet

Amanda Hamilton Diet Plan

Atkins diet

Blood type diet

Cabbage soup diet

Celebrity diets A-Z

Coffee Diet

Cookie diet

Crash diet

Detox diet

Dukan diet

F Plan diet

F2 Plan Diet

Fitium diet plan

Food combining diet

Fruitarian diet

Grapefruit diet

Hay Diet plan

High protein diet

Jenny Craig diet

Juice diet

Junk food diet

Lacto vegetariansim diet

Lemonade Diet

Liquid diet

Low carbohydrate diet

Low fat diet

Low protein diet

Macrobiotic diet

Meditteranean diet

Montignac diet

Natural foods diet

Negative calorie diet

Organic food diet

Ovo-lacto vegetarian diet

Pescatarian diet

Plant based diet

Rosemary Conley diet

Sainsburys Diets

Scarsdale medical diet

Sensa sprinkle diet

Shangri-La diet

Slimming World diet

South beach diet

Vegan diet

Vegetarian diet

Very low calorie diet

Weightwatchers diet

Zone diet

We think that counting calories to monitor calorie intake is the best way of losing weight. Almost all diet in some for or another either restrict calorie intake or limit food groups to achieve this. Although counting calories may seem to fiddly and difficult at first t is actually easier than most dieters think and you can quickly become familiar with the calorie content of foods that you regularly consume.

Use our calorie counter charts to make a start.

If there are any diets you have tried please contact us with your thoughts.




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