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A junk food weight loss diet involves eating junk food to make up your daily calorific intake. Deemed unhealthy to say the least! You need to be an expert calorie counter unless you stick to easily labelled calorie counted foods.

You can work out your daily calorie needs with the BMR calculator here

However this junk diet may help only as a short term fix for weight loss if you find it really hard to eat healthy foods. As long as your calories match a level at which you will lose weight then you will slim down. Nevertheless the quality of the food consumed will inevitably with high in fat and sugars and so a junk food diet plan is not recommended for health benefits. A diet comprising fast foods and snack foods will also impact negatively on energy levels and feelings of well being. Junk food diets are low in nutrients and vitamins and this will eventually adversely affect health.

Junk Food Diet Foods

How about this? You can eat any junk food on this diet plan! Think chocolate, crisps, takeaways, burgers!

Just be sure to calorie count it all. You can use our fast food calorie counters to help.

Uma Thurman used a junk food diet to lose weight for her role in Kill Bill. She only ate deserts and cakes to slim down plus ice cream and chocolate. She managed to stick to it as te foods were satisfying her cravings. However this weight loss programme was only a short term fix and would have done her general health no favours.

How much weight can you lose eating junk food?

Weight loss results depend on what your calorie intake is. You need to calculate how many calorie you need each day using a calculator such as our BMR calculator to determine how many calories should result in losing weight for you.

As long as you stick to that calorie intake you will lose weight. It does not matter what foods make up your calorie intake to achieve this. (Though obviously it impacts on your health but that ispresumably not a consideration for junk food weight loss dieters.)

How does the junk food weight loss plan work?

Based on calorie restriction although the foods making up that calorie intake are junk food rather than foods usually associated with diets such as fruit and vegetables.

What Diet Junk Food Diet Review

This should only ever be considered a short term diet plan. It is basically a restricted calorie diet with weight loss dependant on the amount of calories consumed. It is easier to stick to than low calorie health food plans given the foods that can be eaten are easy to eat and satisfying short term. The foods making up your calorie intake are junk or fast food so you don’t feel deprived of treats..

Though this may sound good and can achieve weight loss fast it is an unhealthy fad diet. Also, as tasty as the junk food menu may be, the foods consumed are easily digested so you feel hungry quicker than if you made up your calorie intake of healthier and more bulky fibre rich foods such as fruit and vegetables. There is much to be said for why dieters choose fruit and vegetables for good weight loss results as the quantities you can eat compared to the same calorie amount made up of junk food is much larger and satisfying.

What Diet do not recommend a junk food diet. It’s only use may come in assisting someone who can’t stay away from junk food but who needs to lose a few pounds over a few days.

Junk Food Weight Loss Diet Pros

  • Weight loss is based on what calorie level you maintain
  • Unlimited food choice
  • Taste wise there are satisfying foods to choose from
  • Easier to stick to that health food diets as you do not feel deprived

Junk Food Weight Loss Diet Cons

  • Unhealthy diet plan
  • Foods are easily digested making you feel hungrier quicker
  • Constipation can be experienced due to lack of fibre
  • The unhealthy foods are low in nutrients and you may experience headaches and nausea from lack of sufficinet nutrients after a time
  • Not a long term diet choice

Junk Food Weight Loss

Junk Food Diet Books

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Junk Food Weight Loss Diet Books



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