How many Calories in Fast Food

Calories in Fast Food

Calories in Fast FoodFast Food Calories

Calories in Fast Food calorie counter. Eating out can be difficult to manage when you are counting calories. However with the right calorie counting information to hand you can still enjoy fast foods when you know which are the best choices to make to maintain your low calorie diet.

What Diet has collected information relating to the most popular types of fast food calories and takeaway food calories plus calories when eating out or getting a take out.

Baked Potatoes Calories in baked potatoes

Burger King Calories in burger King burgers and food

Chinese restaurant or take away Calories in Chinese food

Fish and chip shop Calories in fish and chips shop meals and food

Harvester Calories in harvester meals

Indian restaurant or take away Calories in Indian Food and Indian meals

Italian Restaurants Calories in Italian Food and meals

KFC Calories in KFC food and meals

McDonalds Calories in MacDonald’s burgers, food and meals

Mexican Restaurants  Calories in Mexican Food and meals

Pizza Express Calories in a pizza Express Food and meals

Pizza Hut Calories in pizza hut pizzas food and meals

Pret A Manger Calories in Pret A Manger Food and meals

Steak bars Calories in steak meals and food

Subway Calories in Subway menu sandwiches, salads, soup and more

TGI Friday’s Calories in TGI Friday’s american diner food

Wagamama Calories in Wagamama japanese cuisine

Calories for food from independent restaurants and takeaways can vary in calorific value considerably depending on the actual recipe used and the portion sizes . These calorie charts for fast food given calorie values for what they are likely to be typical fast food and takeaway servings.

What Diet has listed calories in fast foods such as calories in Burger King, calories in fish and chips, calories in chinese meals, calories in indian food, calories in italian food, calories in KFC, calories in MacDonalds, calories in mexican food, calories in Pizza Express meals and Pizza Hut plus calories for meals at steak bars and Pret a Manger.


Calories in Fast Food Books

The New High Protein Healthy Fast Food Diet: The Effective Way to Use Convenience Foods as Part of a Low-Carb Diet

Calories Counter Fast Food

Have good intentions of starting a new diet but can’t resist a takeaway of Indian, Thai or Chinese food? Only time for a quick sandwich at lunch? Only manage to “cook” M&S ready meals? If so, don’t despair. You can still lose weight. You just need to know how. This book provides the rules for busy people who can’t do without convenience and fast foods but still want to lose weight.

Analysis of over 200 fast foods!

Essential reading for those who want to be slim and be healthy alongside a realistic lifestyle.



The Takeaway Secret: How to Cook Your Favourite Fast-food at Home

RRP: £5.99
Price: £4.49

Takeaway Calories

The Takeaway Secret is a book provides you with the knowledge to cook your own takeaway dishes at home.

Takeaway cookbooks







Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food: Recipes from “The F Word”

RRP: £19.99
Price: £10.76

fast food recipes
Most people can’t resist fast food but want to stay healthy and trim and the same time.

There’s no one better to show you how than Gordon Ramsay.






Real Fast Food

RRP: £9.99
Price: £6.89

fast food ideas

Nigel Slater’s 350 plus creative, fast food recipes and suggestions for quick cooking.







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