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Calories in KFC Calories in KFC

Calories list for calories in KFC UK Kentucky Fried Chicken calories chart. Check the calories value for KFC meals, chips, food and snack boxes.

Calories in KFC chart includes calories in chicken pieces, calories in sides and calories in chicken burgers. Though tasty many of the calories in KFC food are high as the chicken is coated and then fried. Some if the sides such as beans and corn on the cob are low calorie items.

KFC Per item                                                                                 CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in barbecue beans 92
    Chicken, per piece
        Calories in Drum 186
        Calories in Keel 392
        Calories in Rib 264
        Calories in Thigh 288
        Calories in Wing 200
Calories in coleslaw 147
Calories in corn on the cob 69
Calories in fillet burger 409
Calories in fillet tower 575
Calories in fries, large 382
Calories in fries, regular 295
Calories in Twister 341
Calories in Zingerburger 440
Calories in Zinger Tower 607

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