Food Calorie Counter

food calorie counter
To use the food calorie counter click on the food groups below to check the calories in particular foods. These are a list of calories in basic, non-branded foods. For branded foods such as Asda foods or McVitie’s biscuits please check the food labelling for the best up to date information.

For calories in alcohol use the calories in alcohol counter

Biscuits Calories in biscuits

Bread Calories in bread

Cereal Calories in cereal

Cheese Calories in cheese

Cream Calories in cream

Crispbreads and crackers Calories in crispbreads and crackers

Drinks Calories in drinks

Eggs Calories in eggs

Fats and oils Calories in fats and oils

Fish Calories in fish

Flour Calories in flour

Fruit Calories in fruit

Grains Calories in grains

Kernels and seeds Calories in kernels and seeds

Kitchen basics Calories in kitchen basics

Meat Calories in meat

Milk Calories in milk

Nuts Calories in nuts

Pasta Calories in pasta

Pickles and relish Calories in pickles and relish

Rice Calories in rice

Rolls and buns Calories in rolls and buns

Sugar Calories in sugar

Syrups and treacles Calories in syrups and treacles

Vegetables Calories in vegetables

Yoghurt and fromage frais Calories in yoghurt and fromage frais


Calorie Counter Books

These popular calorie counting books are part of a range geared to complete analysis of food and drink in easily digestible formats. The range includes the main calorie guide, a pocket versatile version and book tailored to those with diabetes. Each comprise colour coded sections: Biscuits & Crackers, Bread, Breakfast, Cakes & Bakery Items, Desserts, Drinks, Eggs & Cheese, Fruit, Meals, Meal Accompaniments, Meat, Chicken & Fish, Potatoes, Rice, Pasta & Grains, Sauces & Spreads, Snacks & Confectionery, Take-away Food and Vegetables & Pulses.

Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat: A Visual Guide to Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat & Calorie Counting for Diet & Weight Loss Great Reviews

Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat is a visual guide to carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie counting to assist weight loss and healthy eating. Over 1,400 photos of food and drink items, with the values listed with each photo.


Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat Pocket Counter

The Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat Pocket Counter is the superb portable accompaniment to the Carbs & Cals & Protein & Fat book for when you are out and about.
With all the same food and drink items as in the larger version packed into this smaller bite size book, it’s an extremely handy resource for when out and about.


Carbs & Cals: A Visual Guide to Carbohydrate & Calorie Counting for People with Diabetes

Carbs & Cals is an easy read visual guide to carbohydrate and calorie counting for people with diabetes.
15 colour-coded sections including Biscuits & Crackers, Bread, Cakes & Bakery, Desserts, Drinks, Fruit, Meals, Meat & Fish Products, Potatoes, Rice, Snacks & Confectionery, Take-away Food and Vegetables.



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