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Calories in biscuits   Calories in biscuits

Calories in biscuits. Though not ideal for dieters, some biscuits can mean a relatively low calorie treat. Particularly biscuits such as the smaller basic versions like a morning coffee of which two fingers are low calorie. However they are relatively high in fat. Here we set out some of the more popular biscuits so that you know how much fat and calorie per biscuit you are consuming. If you would like to see any biscuits added to our calories to less then please let us know.


Per biscuit                                                            





Calories in Bourbon cream 65 2.8
Calories in Chocolate chip cookie 55 2.6
Calories in Chocolate digestive 85 4.0
Calories in Chocolate finger 30 1.5
Calories in Custard cream 65 3.2
Calories in Digestive 75        3.9
Calories in Fig roll 60 1.6
Calories in Fruit shortcake 40        1.7
Calories in Ginger nut 45 1.4
Calories in Jaffa cake 50 1.0
Calories in Lemon puff 75 4.3
Calories in Marie 20 0.7
Calories in Morning coffee 20 0.7
Calories in Nice 45 1.6
Calories in Rich tea 40 1.4
Calories in Rich tea finger 25 0.8
Calories in Shortbread finger 100 5.5
Calories in Shortcake 65 3.2

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