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Calories in Sugar calories in sugar

Calorie chart to calculate the calories and fat content of types of sugar. Calculate how many calories you are using for dieters and for cooking with the free calorie counter chart for sugar below.

This is a free online chart to assist dieters calculate their daily calorie intake.


SUGAR Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Barbados sugar 109 0
Calories in Brown crystals sugar 112 0
Calories in Caster sugar 112 0
Calories in Demerara sugar 112 0
Calories in Fructose 105 0
Calories in Icing sugar 112 0
Calories in Liquid glucose 90 0
Calories in Soft brown sugar 112 0
Calories in White granulated sugar 112 0

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