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Calories in Nuts calories in nuts

Calorie counter for nuts for What Diet readers. Use the free calories in nuts counter to find the calorie content and fat content of popular types of nuts. Useful for calorie counting diets and for calculating the calories in recipes.

List of calories in peanuts, calories in chestnuts, calories in cashews, calories in almonds and other popular types of nuts for snacking or coking.


NUTS Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Almonds, blanched 179 15.8
Calories in Bombay mix 125 7.1
Calories in Brazil nuts 198 19.0
Calories in Cashews 176 14.2
Calories in Chestnuts 47 0.7
Calories in Chestnuts, with shells 39 0.6
Calories in Coconut, fresh 100 10.3
Calories in Coconut, desiccated 169 17.3
Calories in Hazelnuts, shelled 182 17.8
Calories in Macadamia nuts 209 21.7
Calories in Mixed nuts, chopped 169 15.1
Calories in Nuts and raisins 142 10.1
Calories in Peanuts, fresh 157 12.9
Calories in Peanuts, roasted 164 13.9
Calories in Pecans 192 19.6
Calories in Pine nuts 192 19.2
Calories in Pistachios 180 15.3
Calories in Walnuts 192 19.2

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