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Calories in syrups and treacles calories in syrups and treacles

Calorie counter for calories and fat content for popular foods. The calorie chart below states the fat content and calories in syrups and treacles. Calculate how many calories you are consuming and using for cooking with the calorie chart below.

Syrups and treacles can be used to brighten up foods that can otherwise be bland. Used sparingly on oats and porridge syrup is delicious and melts to give a lovely gooey taste. You can use small amounts of syrup on fruits as well, especially berries, to add an extra kick. Of course syrups are delightful on waffles but taken together are very high in calories so go easy. The fat content however is nil but the calories can be quite high. Rosehip syrup comes in with the lowest calories at 65 per 28g / ounce with calories in golden syrup being the highest at 83 per 28g / ounce.


SYRUPS AND TREACLESPer 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Black treacle 70 0
Calories in Golden syrup 83 0
Calories in Grenadine 72 0
Calories in Maple syrup 70 0
Calories in Molasses 80 0
Calories in Rosehip syrup 65 0

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