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Calories in cereal  Calories in cereal

Use this calorie counter for cereals which lists popular cereals and their calorie content. Find out which are the lowest calorie cereals and which type of cereals are highest in calories. The fat content of various servers are also listed so that you can use this information to incorporate in your diet plan as required.

Find out what is the calorie content of bran flakes, calories in museli, calories in porridge, calories in cornflakes and calories in other breakfast cereals.

CEREALPer 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Bran flakes 90 0.6
Calories in Bran high fibre 75 0.7
Calories in Cornflakes 105 0.3
Calories in Crunchy with fruit and nuts 125 5.5
Calories in Fruit and fibre 105 1.4
Calories in Muesli 110 2.2
Calories in Porridge oats, dry weight 105 2.2
Calories in Puffed rice 100 0.3
Calories in Puffed wheat 95 0.3
Calories in Wheat bisk, each 65 0.4

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