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Calories in Rice calories in rice

Calorie chart to check the calories in rice. Lists different types of rice and the calorific content and fat content of popular rices. Just check the calorie content with the free calorie checker calculator below.

Rice can be great to bulk out your diet particularly if you go for the higher fibre healthy versions of wholemeal and brown rice. Make sure you order rice boiled in restaurants and takeaways to cut ut the fat and additional calories.



Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                           





Calories in Boil in the bag rice, brown, 125 g bag 450 3.5
Calories in Boil in the bag rice, white, per 125 g bag 475 1.8
Calories in Brown rice, boiled 40 0.3
Calories in Brown rice, raw 100 0.8
Calories in White rice, boiled 39 0.4
Calories in White rice, raw 108 1.0
Calories in White and wild, raw 105 0.6
Calories in Wild rice, boiled 50 0.1
Calories in Wild rice, raw 104 0.2

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