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Calories in Flour

Calories Flour
How many calories in flour you might ask? If you are doing you own baking the flour is a significant part of the mix. By calculating how many calories in the flour you use plus the other ingredients you can get an accurate count of how many calories your baking contains.

Use the free calorie counter for flour calories below to calculate the calorific value of different types of flours.

Use to check the calories when cooking bread and cakes together with the calorie values of the other ingredients in your baking to get an idea of the overall calorie value of your cooking.

Check out the calories in white flour, calories in brown flour, calories in cornflour and many more types of flours calorie counted in the calories list below.


FLOUR Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Brown flour 90 0.5
Calories in Cornflour 99 0.2
Calories in Granary flour 95 0.5
Calories in Maize or cornmeal flour 102 0.6
Calories in Polenta flour 100 0.5
Calories in Potato or buckwheat flour 99 0.2
Calories in Rice flour 105 0.1
Calories in Rye flour 96 0.7
Calories in Soya flour 126 6.8
Calories in Soya, low-fat flour 101 2.0
Calories in Wheatmeal flour 95 0.5
Calories in White, plain flour 95 0.4
Calories in White, self raising flour 92 0.3
Calories in Wholemeal flour 90 0.6


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Calories counter Flour

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