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Calories in eggs Calories in eggs

How many calories in eggs? This depends on whether you eat the egg white and yolk and whether you fry, poach or boil the egg with added butter and oil? The egg calorie counter sets out the calories in eggs and make sure you additionally add any extra calories depending if the egg is cooked in oil or other condiments. Eggs are a great source of protein particularly if only the whites of eggs are eaten as the whites are considered to be almost pure protein and also contain almost no fat.

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EGGS Per item                                                                 CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Large egg 95 7.0
Calories in Medium egg 80 6.6
Calories in Medium egg, white only 15 0
Calories in Medium egg, yolk only 65 6.6
Calories in Small egg 70 5.1
Calories in Duck egg, average 160 11.8
Calories in Quail egg 14 1.1
Calories in Scotch egg, average 300 23.0

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