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Calories in fats and oils Calories in fats and oils

Find out how many calories in fats and how many calories in oils by using the calorie counter below. Don’t forget when cooking to add in the calories in oils and fats used to prepare foods. Often a salad made with lashing of oil can be as calorific as a sandwich so make sure you are counting your calories by using the measurements in the calories list below. Some fats and oils are better than others healthwise so choose wisely.


Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                           





Calories in Beef, dripping 249 27.0
Calories in Butter 206 23.0
Calories in Butter, brandy or rum flavoured 145 10.1
Calories in Ghee 257 28.0
Calories in Lard 249 27.0
Calories in Low fat spread 106 11.3
Calories in Margarine, all types 204 22.6
Calories in Salad or cooking oil 255 27.9
Calories in Salad or cooking oil, per tbsp 125 13.8
Calories in Suet, block 255 27.2
Calories in Suet, shredded 231 24.2
Calories in Very low fat spread 75 7.0

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