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Calories in bread Calories in bread

If you are following a high protein diet you may not be eating much bread at all. However for those of you counting calories it is useful to know the calorie content of various types of bread so you can identify the lowest calorie bread to use in your diet. Below we set out the standard types of bread in our calorie list.

Find out the calories in brown bread, calories in white bread, calories in granary bread and calories in malt bread to name a few.

BREAD Per 28g / 1 oz unless otherwise stated                                                            CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Breadcrumbs, fresh per 15ml teaspoon 10 neg
Calories in Brown bread 62 0.6
Calories in French bread 77 0.8
Calories in Fried bread 180 14.0
Calories in Garlic bread 100 5.7
Calories in Granary bread 67 0.8
Calories in Malt bread 76 0.6
Calories in Rye bread 63 0.5
Calories in Soda bread 75 0.7
Calories in Wheatgerm bread 61 0.6
Calories in White crusty bread 67 0.5
Calories in White sliced bread 62 0.4
Calories in Wholemeal bread 61 0.7
 Per medium slice, approx 35g from large 800g loaf
Calories in Brown bread 80 0.8
Calories in Softgrain bread 80 0.6
Calories in Wheatgerm bread 80 0.8
Calories in White bread 80 0.5
Calories in Wholemeal bread 75 0.9

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