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Calories in crispbreads and crackers  Calories in crispbreads and crackers

Use the calorie list below to find out the calorie and fat content of popular crispbreads and crackers. Dieters often use crispbreads or crackers as a lower calorie replacement for bread. Make sure you get the best option for your diet plan by using the calories list below.

Calories list for calories in crackers, calories in crispbreads, calories in rice cakes and other popular snacks and cracker.


Per item                                                                





Calories in Cheese thin 22 1.3
Calories in Cornish wafer 45 2.6
Calories in Cream cracker 35 1.1
Calories in Crispbread 25 0.2
Calories in Crispbread light 15 0.1
Calories in Oatcake 50 2.0
Calories in Rice cake 30 0.2
Calories in Water biscuit 20 0.4

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