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Calories in Milk calories in milk

Find out how many calories in milk with the milk calorie checker below. List all popular types of milk and calories and fat content to make your calorie counting easy.

Calories are listed for calories in buttermilk, calories in skimmed milk, calories in full fat milk, coffee whitener and calories in milk powder.


MILK Per 568ml / 1 pint                                                  CALORIES(kcal) FAT(grams)
Calories in Buttermilk 210 4.7
Calories in Full fat milk silver top 370 22.0
Calories in Goat’s milk 395 23.5
Calories in Gold top milk 445 28.0
Calories in Semi skimmed milk 255 9.9
Calories in Skimmed milk 195 0.5
Calories in Soya milk, unsweetened 205 12.6
Per 28 g/1oz
Calories in Coffee whitener 155 10.2
Calories in Condensed milk, sweetened 95 2.5
Calories in Condensed skimmed milk, sweetened 75 0
Calories in Instant milk powder 140 7.6
Calories in Instant skimmed milk powder 101 0.4

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