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This free online daily calorie calculator UK is a calorie counter for UK foods for women, for men and for children. Use the calorie calculator to lose weight with the information gained from daily calorie counts for calories burned and calorie intake. Input your height, age and weight and based on your lifestyle needs the counter will calculate calories intake required per day.

Now you can calculate how many calories a day to lose weight and how many calories a day to maintain weight. As a general rule most nutritional experts advise never going below 1,000-1,200 calories a day. To lose one pound of fat in one week, you need to create a deficit of 500 calories per day for a week. A 500 calorie deficit for 7 days is equal to 3500 calories. A pound of fat contains 3500 calories. If you aim to lose weight by counting calories the very low calorie diet may be the diet for you. Used in conjunction with the calorie calculator you can work out your daily calorie requirements and progress with a steady weight loss using the calorie intake as your guide.

What are daily personal calorie requirements?

The above daily calorie calculator is based on the principle that personal calorie requirement = basic calorie requirement + extra calorie requirement, where:

Basic calorie requirement  is you basal metabolic rate requirement.

  • For every kg of body weight 1.3 Calories is required every hour. For someone weighing 50kg they would require 1.3 × 24hrs × 50Kg = 1560 calories a day
  • See the basal metabolic calculator to calculate this based on a sedentary level

Extra calorie requirement

  • For each hour spent in training you require an additional 8.5 Calories per each kg of weight. So, for a two hour training session the 50kg person would require 8.5 × 2hrs × 50Kg = 850 calories

Overall the person weighing 50kg who trains for two hours that day would require a calorie intake of approximately 2410 calories (1560 + 850)

If you are interested in losing weight by a mathematical method like counting calories but find keeping track of calorie intake or assessing the calorific value of foods difficult then the Weight Watchers diet is an alternative. This is based on a points system which basically simplifies counting the calories as this is done for you. You count the Weight Watcher points instead. You can use our Weight Watchers calculator to assist as well.

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