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Points Calculator Weight Watchers UK

Points calculator Weight Watchers UK to check how many Weight Watchers points in foods so you can easily stick to your Weight Watcher diet plan. Use the Weight Watchers points daily calculator to assess how many points in foods and recipes and use this information to keep track of your daily intake. Weight Watchers uses a points based system to evaluate foods and dieters eat up to a maximum of points per day. This is equivalent to using calorie counting for weight loss whoever many dieters find the Weight Watchers points system much easier to use and follow than counting calories.

Points calculator Weight Watchers UKPoints calculator Weight Watchers UK located to the left

Anyone try the new weight watchers point plus system? If you are on the Weight Watchers UK points plan, you will adore this simple calculator which can be used for the old points system or the ProPlus points system. It will show you how to calculate weight watchers new point system. It’s a quick and easy way to calculate Weight Watchers points helping you stay on track with your goal to lose weight fast and enjoy successful diet progress by choosing the correct foods.

Use the calculator for points for all types of foods like black angus steak and weight watchers points or black angus club steak and weight watchers points. You need to know how many points can I have on weight watchers then use the weight watchers calculator to input the food details and get the points value.

What is different between weight watchers points and points plus?

The ProPoints plan is a radical change from the old points system for Weight Watchers. Its original Points system, launched in 1995, assigned a dieter a number of points they were allowed to eat per day, which corresponded to calories and saturated fat in foods. All foods were allowed (chocolate, carbohydrates and so on) as long as you never exceeded your daily points allowance. Its simplicity made it one of the most successfu diet plans in the worl. Now with the new system the Weight Wahcers dieticians say science has progressed with weight loss. Recent shows successful slimming is not just about counting calories but about what caloires you consume. For example, your body can burn up to 25 per cent more energy digesting proteins and high fibre foods than it can processing ­sugars and fats with the same calorie value.

So while by the old points system a ­chocolate bar and a steak might have had the same points value because they had the same amount of calories, under the new ProPoints system the steak is allocated fewer points because your body uses up more energy processing it. In other words, the better the food is nutritionaly, the more energy your body burns digesting it and the more of it you are able to eat.

The new system encourages you to eat healthier foods such as lean proteins, wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables as you can have more of these under the new Weight Watcher points scheme. Also with the ProPoints system alongside your daily allowance of around 29 ProPoints food values you get an extra weekly allowance of 49 points for treats which you can save up for a big treat or simply use throughout the week. This is like a safety net as it enables dieters to get back on track if they have a slip from the diet plan.

Another major difference from the old system is that all fruit and most vegetables — fresh, frozen or canned in natural juices and drained — have a zero rating so you can eat them anytime “free”.

The scheme encourages you to eat more fruit and vegetables which is good for health.

Use the old points system calculator or the new ProPoints/PointsPlus Weight Watchers calcualor located in the left sidebar
Please note that this points calculator Weight Watchers UK is not an “official” Weight Watchers calculator. You need to join their program to  get official points calculations. See more on the Weight Watcher’s diet plan here

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