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Diet weight loss calculators   Diet weight loss calculators

These diet weight loss calculators are for weight loss and diet information will help you to plan and achieve your weight loss goals. Input the relevant details in your chosen diet weight loss calculators and then click to get your results. Diet weight loss calculators are useful in working out the figures to help you make goals and to chart your  dieting progress in achieveing those goals and reaching success in your weight loss targets.

BMI calculator (body mass index calculator) for calculating human body fat based on an individual’s weight and height to check it is in an acceptable range

BMR calculator (basal metabolic rate calculator) to calculate the amount of daily energy expended whilst at rest

Body fat calculator for calculating body fat percentage for women, men and children

Calorie calculator (daily calorie calculator or calorie counter calculator) for the calculation of an estimate of how many daily calories are required

Calories Burned Calculator to calculate how many calories burned in exercise

Carbohydrate calculator to see how many carbohydrates in are recommended for you daily based on your statistics

Fat calculator for calculating your daily fat intake requirements

Ideal weight calculator to calculate your ideal weight

Kilograms to pounds calculator another useful calculator for conversions when cooking. See also the Pounds to kilograms calculator

Kilometres to miles calculator for conversions useful for runners and other sports persons. See also the Miles to kilometres calculator

Ounces to pounds calculator good for conversions for weight and cooking. There is also the Pounds to ounces calculator

Protein calculator to indicate protein content of various foods

Weight Watchers calculator to check points in foods

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