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Ideal weight calculator

With the ideal weight calculator you can calculate ideal weight for men, women and children. Inout your details and then press calculte for fidn out your ideal weight. Use your ideal weight measurement as a goal for weight loss programmes. Use in conjucntino with our other calculators to plan out a full diet and weight loss plan.


Ideal weight calculator in inches and pounds

Ideal weight calculator in metres and kilograms

However note that an ideal body weight calculation fails to consider that the actual weight measurement does not say of your body fat ratio is acceptable. So when calculating ideal weight you also need to look aa little further and question yourself as to whether you feel and look a little flabby or whether you have good muscle tone. If you are well toned body the correct weight could be a little more than the ideal weight quoted by the ideal weight calculator. If you more loosely fleshed out your ideal weight is may be at the lower end of the range and a little less than the ideal weight calculator result. This is due to muscle weighing approximately three times as much as fat.

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