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Indian Food calories chartIndian Food calories

Indian Food calories chart for calories in indian food inclusing calories in curry, calories in chicken tikka and other Indian dishes calories counter. Indian food can be healthy and fairly low in calories in you make wise choices by checking the calories in Indian meals ad dishes before you choose. Vegetable curry in tomato based sauces can be healthy and low calorie. At the other end of the scale meat curry in a cream based sauce with pilau or other types if indian fried rice can be high in calories. Rather than choosing pilau rice or a naan bread with your curry why not choose a salad and cut back on some of the calories.

Use the indian food calories chart to calculate the calories in indian meals including calories in samosas, calories in chicken tikka masala, calories in balti, calories in Bombay potatoes, calories in rogan josh, calories in biryani and other indian curries, rice and naan breads.

INDIAN RESTAURANT OR TAKEAWAYStarters, per typical portion                                         CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in Chicken tikka 250
Calories in Lamb tikka 300
Calories in Meat samosas, two small 250
Calories in Onion bhaji, one medium 170
Calories in Tandoori prawns 160
Calories in Vegetable samosas, two small 150
Main courses, per typical portion
Calories in Aloo Saag 550
Calories in Bombay potatoes 375
Calories in Chicken Balti 500
Calories in Chicken Biryani 775
Calories in Chicken Dhansak 750
Calories in Chicken Jalfrezi 500
Calories in Chicken Korma 800
Calories in Chicken Tandoori breast 350
Calories in Chicken tikka 350
Calories in Chicken tikka masala 700
Calories in Doner kebab 620
Calories in King prawn curry 360
Calories in Lamb Biryani 900
Calories in Lamb Dhansak 800
Calories in Lamb Rogan Josh 600
Calories in Meat Madras 550
Calories in Meat Vindaloo 550
Calories in Prawn Balti 450
Calories in Prawn Bhuna 400
Calories in Prawn Biryani 600
Calories in Saag Paneer 400
Calories in Vegetable Balti 400
Calories in Vegetable Biryani 550
Calories in Vegetable curry 350
Calories in Chipati 145
Calories in Cucumber Raita, per tablespoon 15
Calories in Lime pickle, per rounded teaspoon 20
Calories in Mango chutney, per rounded teaspoon 20
Calories in Naan 400
Calories in Onion Sambal, per tablespoon 10
Calories in Paratha 240
Calories in Peshwari Naan 500
Calories in Poppadum 75
Calories in Rice boiled, per rounded tablespoon 40
Calories in Rice Pilau, per rounded tablespoon 60
Calories in Tarka Dahl 490

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