Calories in Chinese Food UK

calories in chinese food

Calories in Chinese Food UK calories list. Find out how many calories in Chinese food and calories in Chinese takeaway dishes. Some Chinese meals can below calorie if you choose Chinese meals that are high in vegetable content and a light sauce, for example vegetable shop suey. At the other end of the calorie scale are the high calorie Chinese dishes such as crispy duck and accompaniments or fried and battered side dishes like spring rolls. With a little calorie know how your chinese takeaway calories can fit into your diet plan.

Check out the Chinese food calories chart below for popular Chinese meals such as Calories in Chinese chicken curry, Calories in Chinese noddles, Calories in Chinese buffet and more Chinese takeaway and Chinese restaurant meals.


CHINESE RESTAURANT OR TAKEAWAYStarters, per typical portion                                         CALORIES  (kcal)
Calories in Barbecue spare ribs, two 300
Calories in Chicken and sweetcorn soup 150
Calories in Crab and sweetcorn soup 130
Calories in Hot and sour soup 100
Calories in Sesame prawn toast, two pieces 140
Calories in Wonton soup 206
Main courses, per typical portion
Calories in Beef in black bean sauce 350
Calories in Beef in oyster sauce 350
Calories in Beef with green pepper 375
Calories in Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce 396
Calories in Beef with mushroom 375
Calories in Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup 138
Calories in Chicken Chop Suey 450
Calories in Chicken Chow Mein 669
Calories in Chicken with cashew nuts 500
Calories in Crispy Duck & Pancakes (3 pancakes) 403
Calories in Hong Kong sweet and sour chicken 500
Calories in Lemon chicken, one breast 500
Calories in King Prawns & Mixed Vegetables 128
Calories in Peking duck with accompaniments 403
Calories in Prawn Chop Suey 300
Calories in Prawns quick fried in chilli sauce 330
Calories in Prawns steamed with Ginger and spring onion 250
Calories in Egg Foo (Fu) Yung 133
Calories in Beef Egg Foo (Fu) Yung 242
Calories in Pork Egg Foo (Fu) Yung 179
Calories in Shrimp Egg Foo (Fu) Yung 157
Calories in Special Egg Foo (Fu) Yung 340
Calories in Sweet & Sour Chicken 530
Calories in Sweet and sour chicken balls 850
Calories in Sweet & Sour Chicken in batter 530
Calories in Sweet and sour pork balls 900
Calories in Sweet & Sour Pork in batter 560
Calories in Sweet and sour prawn balls 400
Calories in Sweet and sour vegetables 350
Accompaniments, per typical portion
Calories in Crispy seaweed 300
Calories in Noodles, crispy fried 400
Calories in Noodles, plain soft 300
Calories in Prawn Crackers 214
Calories in Rice boiled, per rounded tablespoon 40
Calories in Rice egg fried, per rounded tablespoon 60
Calories in Rice special egg fried, per rounded tablespoon 55
Calories in Spring roll 250
Calories in Stir fried mixed vegetables 250

Chinese takeaway calories can be high but if you know how to pick a low calories chinese dish you can keep your chinese meal low cal which is great for dieters!

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How many calories in chinese food article


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