Calories in Prawn Crackers

Calories in Prawn Crackers

Calorie counter and nutritional chart for chinese Prawn Crackers from the takeaway or restaurant plus fat, carbohydrates and protein.

A quick starter often handed out with chinese take out meals, prawn crackers are crunchy and full of flavour. So how do chinese prawn crackers add up on the calorie counter?

Calories in chinese Prawn Crackers, average serving

Calories 214kcal
Carbohydrate 94g
Protein 3g
Fat 49g
Fibre 0g

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Calories in chinese Prawn Crackers

Chinese prawn crackers are made of starch and flavourings. They are a popular snack food in Asia and the East and are also known as shrimp puffs, prawn chips and dragons clouds.

They are deep fried crisps basically with fish flavouring and little nutritional value.

They are high in carbs due to the starch base and sweet flavourings. The deep frying means prawn crackers and also high fat chinese food.

Particularly when you take into account prawn crackers are used as only a snack and often given as a free taster in chinese takeaways you are pumping your calories up straight away by eating these even before you start your chinese meal.

Beware the prawn crackers if on a diet!                                                                                                



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