Calories in chinese special egg Fried Rice

calories chinese special fried rice
Calories in chinese Egg Fried Rice takeaway or eat in chinese food. Special egg fried rice is less calorific than normal egg fried rice due to a higher proportion of protein content. Special egg fried rice contains meats and fish as well as egg and vegetables. Rather than have this as an accompaniment you could choose this as you main dish and save calories by not ordering a main sauce dish.

Calories for chinese egg fried rice, per rounded tablespoon from the chinese take away shop or a chinese restaurant. The calorie chart also includes readings for fat, carbohydrates and protein values for chinese fried egg rice.

Calories in chinese egg fried rice, per rounded tablespoon

CHINESE SPECIAL EGG FRIED RICE Per rounded tablespoon                              
Calories 55kcal
Carbohydrate 4g
Protein 4g
Fat 4g
Fibre <1g

This chinese dish is fried rice containing small pieces of scrambled egg and peas and onion together with small pieces of meat and fish. Typically pork, chicken, prawns and beef are used.  The boiled rice is fried up with the vegetables, meat and egg in a large wok or pan and then served as a side dish with chinese main courses. however as this is a more substantial choice of chinese side dish it can be eaten on it’s own as a main course.

A wiser choice for dieters though is chinese rice is boiled rice .

Better still for n even a lower calorie chinese side dish choose a vegetable dish like mixed vegetables or beansprouts.



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