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Calories in Mexican FoodCalories in Mexican Food

Calories in Mexican Food chart listing calories in mexican food such as calories in Mexican Food restaurants, mexican rice, cheese, mexican chicken and chicken wraps and more mexican foods items calorie counted.Check out the calories in nachos, calories in  tortilla chips, calories in burritos, calories in enchiladas and calories in fajitas.

Pick wisely and you can still enjoy spicy mexican food whilst sticking to your calorie count for the day.



Appetizers, per typical portion                                   



Calories in nachos with sauce 500
Calories in potato skins with sour cream 450
Calories in Quesadillas 650
Calories in tortilla chips and guacamole 500
Calories in tortilla chips and salsa 360
Main courses, per typical portion
Calories in bean and cheese burrito 700
Calories in beef burrito 700
Calories in beef Chimichangas 850
Calories in chicken burrito 600
Calories in chicken 750
Calories in chicken enchiladas 700
Calories in chicken fajitas 800
Calories in chilli con Carne with rice 750
Calories in steak fajitas 900
Calories in vegetable fajitas 700
Accompaniments, per typical portion
Calories in French fries 400
Calories in Guacamole 200
Calories in Mexican rice 200
Calories in refried beans 140
Calories in salsa 60
Calories in sour cream 200
Calories in Mexican beer, 330 mls bottle 120
Calories in Margarita 125
Calories in Tequila Sunrise 175

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