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Calories in SteakCalories in Steak

Calorie counter for calories in Steak meals including steak bar calories and eating out steak meals calorie counted so you can keep track of your diet whilst still enjoying a juicy steak.

For those on a high protein diet steak can be a welcome treat and is still relatively healthy in terms of calories and protein intake.


STEAK BARS Starters, per typical portion                                         CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in breaded mushrooms and dip 400
Calories in cream soups 150
Calories in fruit juice 60
Calories in Melon 50
Calories in pate and toast 350
Calories in potato skins with dip 350
Calories in prawn cocktail 350
Calories in tomato juice 30
Calories in vegetable soup 100
Main courses, per typical portion
Calories in steak, 140 g / 5 oz raw, medium grilled, fat removed 200
Calories in steak, 225 g / 8 oz raw, medium grilled, fat removed 320
Calories in breaded plaice 500
Calories in Gammon and pineapple, fat removed 400
Calories in grilled trout 300
Calories in lamb chops/ cutlets, grilled 450
Calories in roast chicken quarter, skin removed 210
Calories in scampi with tartare sauce 500
Accompaniments, per typical portion
Calories in 7g butter portion 55
Calories in bread roll 125
Calories in coleslaw 100
Calories in French fries 400
Calories in jacket potato 200
Calories in jacket potato with sour cream 300

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