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Calories in Italian Restaurant FoodCalories in Italian Restaurant Food

Calorie list for calories in Italian Restaurant Food. Italian food can be healthy particularly if you go for tomato based sauces with plenty of vegetables or salad and go easy on the pasta and meat. The calorie chart below for Italian food will help you to make the right choices when counting the calories for Italian restaurant meals.

Some of the best low calorie Italian foods are minestrone soup and mozzarella and tomato salad whilst some of the high calorie italian food dishes is lasagne or creamy spaghetti dishes. The What Diet calories in Italian Restaurant Food list includes calories in Spaghetti bolognese, calories in ravioli plus calories in well known italian deserts such as calories in tiramsu and calories in Zabaglione.


ITALIAN RESTAURANTSStarters, per typical portion                                         CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in Cannelloni 350
Calories in Minestrone 125
Calories in Mozzarella and tomato salad 275
Calories in Parma ham with figs 150
Calories in Parma ham with melon 150
Calories in Seafood salad 225
Calories in Spaghetti polonaise 450
Calories in Straciatella 100
Calories in Tuna and being a salad 350
Main courses, per typical portion
Calories and Cannelloni al forno 600
Calories in Chicken Cacciatore 500
Calories in Lasagna 650
Calories in Liver Venetian style 400
Calories in Osso Bucco 600
Calories in Ravioli 500
Calories in Spaghetti Bolognese 700
Calories in Spaghetti al pesto 750
Calories in Spaghetti Vongole 550
Calories in Stuffed peppers 300
Calories in Veal Escalope 300
Calories in Veal Saltimbocca 300
Calories in Veal Tonnato 550
Desserts, per typical portion
Calories in Cassata alla Siciliana 600
Calories in Figs 100
Calories in Gelati 280
Calories in Granita 100
Calories and Tiramisu 400
Calories and Zabaglione or Zabaione 200

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What Diet: Calories in Italian Restaurant Food