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A crash diet is extreme and severely restricts calorie intake. It’s aim is rapid weight loss and borders on starvation. It only lasts a few weeks. Importantly, the term specifically implies a lack of concern for proper nutrition. Crash diets known as “fad diets” and are often seen as quick fix solutions.  A crash diet plan is a general term for any specific weight loss diet and has been known to include

Crash Diet foods

Depends which form of diet you follow. Crash diets usually work by restricting food groups or placing limits on when you eat.

How much weight can I lose with crash diets?

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This depends on the diet you follow.

All such diet plans aim for very low calorie intake with short term rapid and substantial weight loss being the goal.

You are best choosing the diet with the type of foods that you most enjoy to ensure maximum success.

Some crash plans are so extreme that weight loss of a stone in a week can be achieved.

How do crash diets work?

These diets are basically all calorie restrictive severely over a short period of time and this is the reason weight loss is fast and rapid.

Our Crash Dieting Review

Crash plans are only ever intended for fast weight loss in the short term. Such drastic diets can be dangerous and medical advice should be sought before crash dieting. A crash diet can be a solution where weight needs to be lost quickly such as for medical operations.

Crash plan pros

  • Rapid initial weight loss
  • Can act as a body detox

Crash Diet plan cons

  • Not a long term solution
  • Can lead to cycles of dieting and bingeing
  • Neither healthy nor successful in achieving long term weight loss. Such extreme diets can lower the body’s metabolic rate as the body seeks to conserve every calorie. Weight loss becomes increasingly difficult

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