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Fitium Review by What Diet editor Katie

What is Fitium?

Fitium is a new online diet programme.  However Fitium is distinguished from other weight loss online programmes as it offers you a personalized diet plan so that you can lose weight in the best way for you.

Not all diet plans are one plan fits all dieters. 

This is why some dieters have success on a particular diet plan but other users will not see any significant weight loss or will find hard to follow a particular diet.  Fitium offers you the best diet plan for YOU in order that you can lose weight in the best way possible.  The Fitium online diet programme will be specially adapted to suit your lifestyle, your tastes and how much weight you want to lose.

Fitium’s online diet programme means you have access 24/7 to your diet plan, coaching program and expert resources to stay on track.  The Fitium team offer you ongoing support giving you the best chance of success with your weight loss. This support is available online all the time.  There are question and answer sessions, tracking tools, practical guides, hints and tips giving you the very best a chance to reach your weight loss goals.

You can simply sign up to the Fitium diet programme online and can start instantly.  The diet program offers a fast track initial seven day diet plan which means you can see results in your very first week of following Fitium.

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How does Fitium work?

Fitium Works actually works to achieve  weight loss as it offers a diet plan specifically suited to your needs.  Whether this be physical needs or lifestyle needs.  This is what makes Fitium one of the unique online diet programs available.  As compared to other diet programs which are for one set diet for all users the Fitium programme is adapted to your needs giving you a better chance of success from the start.

  • No calorie counting
  • Foods to boost your metabolism
  • No fad diets
  • No requirement for exercise in order to lose weight

Based on a diet plan of healthy foods, your nutritional needs, diet goals and lifestyle a diet plan is created which is unique to you.

Fitium diets are doctor approved and easy to follow.  This means he can be assured by you are following a healthy diet programme.  The ease of being able to follow the diet and to track your progress with the Fitium the titles also means that you are much more likely to stick with the diet plan in the long term meaning greater weight loss and successful weight loss maintenance.

The initial seven date fast weight loss plan kick starts your diet and get you on track for losing weight over the longer term.

Why is Fitium better than other diet plans?

Fitium weight lossFitium is distinguished from other diet plans in that it is a personalized diet plan and an online diet plan with full support.

By offering a diet programme that is suited to your needs Fitium ensures that you have an eating plan which will give you the best chance of weight loss and also the best chance for you to stick to the diet plan in the long term.

It offers you a long term solution rather than a fad diet.

The fact that the diet programme is operated online means that you have access to the diet system and expertise of the Fitium team 24 hours a day.  Support whilst following a diet plan is important particularly if you find it difficult to stick to a diet or lack motivation.

Fitium Pros

You can benefit from Fitium in the following ways:

  • A diet plan with suited to men and women
  • An online diet programme with support 24 hours when convenient to you
  • A personalized diet plan that is tailored to your needs
  • Fast initial weight loss with results in week one
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Low cost diet plan starting from £1.89 per week
  • Approved by a doctor
  • Easy to follow

Fitium Cons

There are relatively few drawbacks with the Fitium diet programme. However:

  • Online diet programmes may not suit dieters who have no online access
  • Some dieters may prefer face to face contact with other dieters or team leaders rather than online support

How do I get started with Fitium?

It is easy to get started with Fitium.  All you need to do is sign up online.

You can sign up with Fitium by clicking here

Payment is made online when you signed up.  The cost of membership is a relatively low with plans starting from £1.89 per week if you sign up on the one year membership ranging to £3.44 a week if you sign on a monthly basis.

You can get started on the diet plan straight away. The initial seven day diet programme for a quick weight loss boost will get you off on the right foot!

Fitium cost, coupons and discounts

The costs of the Fitium plans are as follows: Fitium

One year subscription: Saves £80 / 45%

£1.89 per week (£98.50 a year)

Six monthly subscription: Saves £35 / 38%

£2.11 per week (£54.99 per six months)

One month subscription

£3.44 per week (£14.95 per month)

Fitium offer a 30 day money back guarantee stating that if you’re not happy you can cancel membership and will be refunded within 48 hours

You can make payment at the official site online by various methods including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and other credit and debit cards

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