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F2 Diet
The F2 Diet and F2 Diet recipes follow on from the F Plan Diet of the 1980s. Audrey Eyton founded the F Plan Diet in the 1980s. The book was an international bestseller. Now, the follow-up diet plan, The F2 Diet is updated for the 21st century.

The F2 Diet is a UK based book publication which seeks to help you lose weight and detoxify. Applying the same principles as the F-Plan diet, the F2 diet seeks to maintain your body and mind in peak condition. The diet includes meal plans and simple diet recipes. The F2 meals consist of mainly whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Calorie consumption varies each day but is around 1,300 to 1,500 calories per day. Your fibre intake changes daily but is generally 40g to 50g per day. A typical day’s food on the F2 diet would be a breakfast of granola with skimmed milk and an apple, large salad with seeds and a pear for lunch and for tea grilled tilapia with brown rice and steamed asparagus. There are plenty of F2 Diet recipes in the F2 Diet Cookbook

What is the F2 Diet?

The F2 Plan Diet is a diet focused on whole foods and low-glycemic foods diet. It promotes to dieters the importance of choosing foods that are high in fibre with high nutritional value. There are ten basic rules to follow with this high fibre diet:

  • Drink lots of liquid: water, herbal teas or low calorie drinks
  • Eat  a vegetarian diet or have fish rather than meat and poultry
  • Limit fat consumed especially to be found in foods such as cheese and chocolate
  • Eat plenty of fresh greens each day
  • Eat two slices of high fibre bread per day
  • Have a fresh salad or the special F2 soup every day. F2 recipes are in the F2 books-see below
  • Start the day with a half of a pink grapefruit and a bowl of high fiber cereal topped with green-colored banana
  • Eat two additional servings of low- glycemic fruits every day
  • Consume a food that contains live active yogurt cultures or probiotics each day
  • When consuming starches, choose whole grains such as bulgur, brown rice or barley

The Audrey Eyton book also includes F2 recipes and meal plans.

F2 Diet Pros

  • Sequel to the bestseller F Plan diet
  • Clean living and eating diet
  • Educates on how food choices are linked to health and well-being
  • Practical tips and easy F2 Diet recipes and F2 diet soup recipes

F2 Plan Diet Cons

  • Targeted towards women rather than men
  • Uses metric system for diet measurements which may not be familiar to all readers
  • No exercise plan specifically incorporated

F2 Plan Diet Exercise

The F2 Diet does not provide any comprehensive exercise information which seems unusual for a diet promoting healthier living and well-being.

What Diet F2 Diet Review

As the successor diet programme to the F-Plan, the F2 Diet uses the same principles. In addition though it includes updated diet information and diet tips useful for the 21st century pace of life as well as lots of easy to make F2 Diet recipes.  As with the original F Plan Diet programme, the F2 diet program focuses on clean wholesome foods that are rich in nutrients and fibre. This makes the F2 plan a low-calorie, low-fat and satisfying eating plan.

Common misnomers for the F Plan and F2 Plan diets

F-Plan, F Plan Diet, F-2 Diet, F2 Diet, F-Two Diet, F Two Diet, F Too Diet, Ftwo diet




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