Jenny Craig Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Jenny Craig diet plan
The Jenny Craig diet plan is a diet system accessed online. It consists of meal plans of diet food delivered to your door. Celebrities such as Amanda Lamb and Cheryl Baker are fans of Jenny Craig. Amanda Lamb promotes it on the Jenny Craig diet official website. It is also Spice Girl Mel B’s diet plan. Some dieters complain this weight loss plan is expensive. Others justify it by saying it costs no more that what you would spend on food in a month and all meals are ready prepared so no hassle!

The Jenny Craig Diet programme started about 25 years and  Jenny Craig is a weight loss service company and has franchises worldwide. The plan focuses on losing weight using three target areas: areas: body, food and mind.

The Jenny Craig system uses their own pre-packed meals and foods. These meals are planned and calorie counted. Dieters have direct contact with a  personal diet coach to keep dieters motivated, answer any questions whilst following the weight loss programme and of course provide moral support.

It began in Australia then USA got the bug and now it’s arrived in the UK. The Jenny Craig UK diet plan programme aims to teach you to make long term healthy food choices to keep that weight loss maintained. However with dieters looking for a cost effective way to lose weight will the Jenny Craig diet program succeed in the UK with UK dieters?

Jenny Craig Menu Sample

A typical day on the Jenny Craig diet programme might include breakfast of porridge or some other civil and fruit. For lunch noodles tuna pasta, mushroom risotto, potatoes and vegetables or a variety of soups. Evening meal with a Jenny Craig System could be tikka masala, beef lasagne, Chicken and mashed potato, meatballs and spaghetti hot pot, chilli or different types of curry.

There are various different snacks four between meals including the cereal bars, chocolate bars and potato bites.

There is also a list of Jenny Craig free foods. Click here for details. You supplement the Jenny Craig meals and snacks with fresh fruit and vegetables from the free foods list.

How does the Jenny Craig diet plan work?

Jenny Craig works by losing weight by reducing calorie intake. On the Jenny Craig diet you don’t need to do the calorie counting or work out what calories are in foods and your meals for the day. Your Jenny Craig diet coach will do that for you and arrange what meals you eat on the plan. By using the Jenny Craig meal plans the eventual goal is that you develop healthy eating habits and include exercise as part of your life, your outlook on eating will change and amend your diet and exercise routine.

When you join the Jenny Craig program you are mentored by a weight management coach. This coach creates a diet plan to allow you to reach your weight loss aims. There is no interactive website and therefore information can be limited. If you’ve any questions you need to speak to your coach which is usually via a weekly telephone conversations though you can email as well.

The diet plan is simple to use and you do not need to plan your own meals or calculate calories. You just eat whatever meals you are sent. Your coach assists you in learning nutritional values and about limiting portions. You eat three Jenny Craig meals per day and one snack each day. The Jenny Craig food is delivered to your door and you add the fresh fruits and vegetables from the free foods list.

The food for each day must stay the same and you cannot swap one day’s food to another day eg Wednesday to Thursday. You are allowed to swap meals on the same day though.

Halfway through the Jenny Craig plan you reduce the Jenny Craig meals to a few meals only per week. As to your other food your consultant should assist with helping you make healthy food choices.

The lowest calorie level on the Jenny Craig system is 1200 calories per day.

Jenny Craig Exercise Plan

As far as exercise is concerned, your coach creates an exercise programme to accommodate  your level of fitness. They will review exercise plans with you and work out what calorie deficit required to fit your diet plan.

How much can I lose on the Jenny Craig program?

A weekly weight loss of 1-2 lbs is usual on the Jenny Craig system.

How much does it cost to follow the Jenny Craig plan?

Please check for up to date figures but at the time of us checking the cost of food and coaching for 28 days was £277.20. This works out to £9.90 per day or about £68 per week. You order the food every 28 days.

In addition to the above, the cost of Jenny Craig membership was:

  • £50: 3 months
  • £90: 6 months
  • £140: 12 months

Membership advantages are that you are more likely to stick with the program and find it easier to follow and succeed. Also you get £25 off each 28 day order reducing the 28 day price to £252.20. There is no free trial available before you join. you have to buy at least 28 days worth of food and either go from month to month or longer cheaper membership plans.

However check the official Jenny Craig website for up to date details as the costs can vary and there are often special deals available.

Jenny Craig diet Pros

  • Jenny Craig use a full time nutritionists and consult with Dr Ian Campbell.  Coaching mentors are trained and certified by a Jenny Craig trainer
  • Aims to ease you into a long term healthy eating plan

Jenny Craig diet Cons

  • Eating out may be difficult unless you discuss unless you discuss food choices with your mentor beforehand
  • Expensive
  • Unable to use the plan whilst pregnant but can use whilst breastfeeding only after 3 months
  • Limited information available other than to ask your Jenny Craig coach at weekly sessions

What Diet Jenny Craig Review

The Jenny Craig Diet works on similar principles to other diets that work which are:

  • Consume lesser calories than you burn
  • Exercise more to use more calories

It is in creating a calorie deficit that creates weight loss. The Jenny Craig diet will achieve this and helps you along with a mentor and ready made meals and in that sense it is made easier for you. However this is the cost that you pay for. In our opinion it would be cheaper to maintain a  low calorie 1,200-1,400 calorie a day diet.

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