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An organic diet plan is a diet consisting of organic foods only. This is more a lifestyle choice rather than a diet for weight loss.

However due to the bulk of organic foods being natural produce such as fruit, vegetables and fresh cuts of fish and meat, followers of an organic diet plan will find themselves eating more basic natural foods rather than manufactured food items.  In this sense an organic food diet can result in weight loss and health benefits.

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The emphasis of an organic food diet plan is on healthy and wholesome food choices for a lifestyle diet plan rather than focusing just on a weight loss.

Organic Diet Foods

Any organic foods can be eaten on an organic food diet. Most supermarkets stock organic foods.

Health food shops will stock more unusual organic foods that can not be found in mainstream supermarkets. Holland & Barrett is a popular health food store selling a wide range of natural and organic foods.

Organic Food Diet Weight Loss

How much weight you lose on an organic food diet depends on what you eat. There are no limits on food intake so weight loss is not guaranteed.

You may be eating a high amount of calories even though the foods you eat are organic and the standard of food higher.

If you want to lose weight on an organic diet you still need to limit your calorie intake. Find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight here.

How does the Organic Food Diet work?

This diet plan works not offer health benefits rather than weight loss. People tend to follow and organic food diet not so much for weight loss results as for a healthy life style choice.

However by eating a larger volume of fruit and vegetables, which tend to happen on an organic diet, it is more conceivable that you will lose some weight.

If you are choosing a diet plan for weight loss results alone you are better of choosing a different diet plan.

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Organic Food Diet Review

A healthy diet plan which is usually chosen for morale and health reasons rather than solely a desire to lose weight. Incorporating more organic foods into your diet is a sensible way to maintain health. However you still need to ensure you eat healthy organic foods such as foods in their natural forms like fruit, meat and vegetables rather than cakes and sugary snacks which can also be purchased in organic form.

If you are looking for weight loss as your prime reason in choosing a diet plan the organic diet plan is not for you.

Organic Diet Plan Pros

  • Healthy and good food quality
  • A long term life style diet
  • Unlimited food to eat

Organic Food Diet Cons

  • Not a diet aimed at weight loss if that is what you want to achieve
  • Range of foods may be limited due to availability
  • Organic foods tend to cost more than their counterparts

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